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Short stories

The box beneath my bed

Warm sunshine spread softly across her eyelids making the little girl open her eyes slowly with a tired sigh. She had been waking up feeling tired like this for the last two weeks. She lay in bed and wriggled her toes in her soft, fluffy, pink socks beneath her Rainbow-unicorn quilt. She could hear the …

Short stories

The Canoe and the moon

In the middle of the night, when the late owl flew across the velvet skies, I took my paddle and pushed the little canoe out on to the cool night waves. My paddling wasn’t very good but I knew a bit or two about how to keep the canoe upright. The moon’s silvery light glazed …

Short stories

The ‘Blue’

You told me to climb up the mountain, pass through the cold of the mist and touch the sky because my mind was getting weary from what my eyes saw around me. Anything my hand touched took life and became like a startled spider, crawling away into the darkest corners of the ceiling of your …